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  • Austria: Limited Liability Company’s Minimum Capital: Hidden Increase to 39,000 Euros planned

    2009 09 03

    The Austrian Justice Department actually wanted to lower the minimum share capital of the Austrian Limited Liability Company to 10,000 Euros. This should be a response in the international competition of the legal forms. But even now it is coming to an increase to 39,000 Euros.

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    English speaking Lawyer?Austria

    Law Firm Vienna – Austria?English Speaking Lawyer

    English speaking Lawyer Austria

    Dr Lukas Fantur is a service-oriented law firm based in Vienna – Austria.  Dr Lukas Fantur provides legal services both to Austrian and international clients.

    As well as covering the classic areas, namely

    are in the focus of the activities of the law firm.

    As English speaking lawyer Dr Lukas Fantur provides consulting services in particular for international clients and companies on starting business in Austria.

    Dr Lukas Fantur combines legal expertise with individual service.

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    Labour Law Austria | Advice and Representation

    Labour Law Austria | Law Firm

    Dr Lukas Fantur advises and represents in the field of labour law both employers and employees.

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    Commercial Agent (Sales Agent) Austria | Compensation at the Termination of the Contractual Relationship | Investment replacement

    Compensation | Prerequisites | Maximum Compensation | Investment Replacement

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    Law Firm for Corporate (Company) Law | Vienna – Austria

    Extensive Corporate (Company) Law Experience

    Corporate (company) law is at the heart of the services offered within the law firm of Dr Lukas Fantur, located in Vienna, Austria.

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    Austria | Formation of a Limited Liability Company (GmbH)

    Law Firm | Austria

    Good Advice on Austrian Limited Liability Company (GmbH)  Formation.

    Austrian Limited Liability Companies (GmbH) are the focus of the legal services within the law firm of Dr Lukas Fantur.

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    Limited Liability Company Act (Austria) | Questions and Answers

    Limited Liability Company Act (Austria): FAQ

    Q: Is the entire law of the Austrian limited liability company settled in the Limited Liability Company Act (Austria)?

    A: No, the law regarding the Austrian Limited Liability Company is regulated in various Acts of law.

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