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    Austria | Formation of a Limited Liability Company (GmbH)

    Law Firm | Austria

    Good Advice on Austrian Limited Liability Company (GmbH)  Formation.

    Austrian Limited Liability Companies (GmbH) are the focus of the legal services within the law firm of Dr Lukas Fantur.

    Due to many years of specialisation, you can expect to be advised and represented in all matters relating to the setting up of a private limited company with experience and comprehensive expertise.

    A competent construction of contracts which is orientated on the individual interests, provides a solid foundation for the limited liability company. It not only helps to prevent future shareholder’s disputes and faulty formation liabilities.

    Portfolio of Legal Services regarding Austrian Limited Liability Companies (GmbH)

    The portfolio of legal services includes all aspects of the formation of an Austrian limited liability company (GmbH).

    Formation of an Austrian Limited Liability Company (GmbH): Why choose THIS Law Firm?

    You can be assured that you are receiving only the best from many years of experience accumulated due to ongoing engagement regarding all aspects and issues of corporate law.

    Numerous publications and holding of lectures regarding corporate law, especially the law of the limited liability company, confirm profound expertise.

    Included within the speciality website regarding current developments in corporate (company) law (German language only), current corporate (company) law and proposed legislation as well as Jurisprudence are presented and discussed.

    Formation of an Austrian Limited Liability Company | Individual Care

    The lean structure of the law firm guarantees individual care.

    You have a fixed, competent partner from the first contact until the conclusion of the formation of the Austrian limited liability company.

    Limited Liability Company Austria | Avoiding future problems

    The law firm is not only continuously dealing with the formation of companies. One of its major focal points is the advice, assistance and litigation regarding conflicts and other legal problems occurring in a company or within a group of companies.

    Therefore, extended practical experience is available which makes it possible to bring up suggestions and preventative solutions into the process of negotiating and drafting of the articles of association and other contracts. The clients value this as a supportive contribution for avoiding future problems.

    Formation of an Austrian Limited Liability Company (GmbH)? Get in touch.

    Dr Lukas Fantur
    Law Firm for formation of an Austrian limited liability company | Austria Vienna
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