Attorney at Law Dr Lukas Fantur
Dr Lukas Fantur
Attorney at Law

Breitenfurter Strasse 372B
1230 Vienna - Austria
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    Law Firm for Corporate (Company) Law | Vienna – Austria

    Extensive Corporate (Company) Law Experience

    Corporate (company) law is at the heart of the services offered within the law firm of Dr Lukas Fantur, located in Vienna, Austria.

    Due to many years of specialisation in corporate law (company law), you can expect to be advised and represented with experience and comprehensive expertise.

    Achieving economically reasonable goals for the clients is the focus of the law firm.

    Law Firm | Corporate (Company) Law Austria | Portfolio of Legal Services

    The service portfolio of the law firm of Dr Lukas Fantur, Vienna, Austria, regarding corporate (company) law includes all types of companies and other legal entities.


    Share Transfers, Mergers & Acquisitions

    Restructuring & Reorganisation of Companies and Enterprises

    Corporate (Company) Law | Managing Directors, CEOs

    Corporate (Company) Law | Shareholder’s Rights, Shareholder’s Disputes

    About Dr Lukas Fantur

    Dr Lukas Fantur is the author of numerous publications and also a lecturer in seminars on Austrian corporate (company) law.

    Dr Fantur is also founder of a monthly magazine for Austrian corporate and tax law, as well as publisher and editor for the section regarding corporate (company) law (2003 to 2008).


    Dr Lukas Fantur
    Law Firm | Corporate (Company) Law | Vienna – Austria
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    Endresstrasse 119
    1230 Vienna – Austria
    Tel: +43-1-513 85 20


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