Attorney at Law Dr Lukas Fantur
Dr Lukas Fantur
Attorney at Law

Breitenfurter Strasse 372B
1230 Vienna - Austria
Phone: +43-1-513 85 20
Fax: +43-1-513 85 20-20
  • Law Firm specialised in Company Law and Business Law. Personal Service. High Expertise. Substantial Experience.

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    Austria – Vienna | Law Firm
    Corporate (Company) Law:

    specialized in Shareholder Disputes, Corporate Litigation, Limited Liability Company Law

    Austria | Law Firm for Corporate (Company) Law and Business Law

    Personalised Legal Services in Corporate (Company) Law | Austria

    The Law Firm of Dr Lukas Fantur provides legal services in the fields of

    both to clients from Austria and to foreign clients worldwide.

    The firm takes a common sense approach to the practice of business and corporate (company) law and offers legal advice, setting up of agreements, representation and litigation in these fields at the highest level.

    In the fields of business and corporate (company) law (Austria) the law firm of Dr Lukas Fantur assists clients in solving their legal problems in the most cost-effective manner.

    The lean structure of the firm allows efficient individiual care and direct communication.

    Learn more about the firm on this website. For an appointment with Dr Lukas Fantur please contact us.

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